Pulse June 21, 2020

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Huguenot United Methodist Church

June 21, 2020

Dear Huguenot Friends:

An old cliche is the familiar “never judge a book by it’s cover”. Our scripture this week, Matthew 10: 24-39, provides ample evidence that God looks upon both the inside and the outside of his children – their characters, hearts, souls, and spirits. Nor does God speak only to the proverbial “the biggest and the best”, for in God’s sight, all are equally loved.

Both David’s selection as the next king of Israel and the Parable of the Mustard Seed point out that God will use whom God will use to fulfill God’s purposes and promises. As we celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday, let us acknowledge that even with all the human imperfections fathers possess, there will forever be love to share.

Thank you God for our fathers and for those who are fathers to us. On this Father’s Day, let us rejoice!


Pastor Gay


Please Celebrate Sunday’s Message

Our Huguenot UMC Third Sunday after Pentecost

Worship celebration for June 21, 2020 at 11:00 a.m.

is available by phone at 646  876  9923

Meeting ID: 260  382  5995 

Please dial into the service at 10:50 a.m. so the Order of Worship can begin on time. 


The Worship Bulletin follows:              

Welcome  Pastor Gay Hall
Announcements Gerry Flinchbaugh
Morning Prayer and Lord’s Prayer Chip Woodall
Holy Gospel Lesson Matthew 10: 24-39 Chip Woodall
Sermon God Loves You and Me Pastor Gay Hall
Benediction Pastor Gay Hall



Additional Information from VaUMC






Grocery Shopping Assistance

Wendy Moore is now due to the COVID virus, grocery shopping for those having difficulty getting out.  She can get two paper bags of groceries weekly or less often for a fee of $10 per trip and deliver them to your door within a 20 mile radius. The list would be coordinated over the phone.

Please call Wendy at 804 625-0086.




Adult Bible Study / Sunday School

Lost and Found
The title of our Adult Bible Study/Sunday School lesson for Sunday, June 21, is “Lost and Found”. The focal passage is 2 Kings 22:8-20. The background text is 2 Kings 22:1-23:30. The Key Verse is: “The Lord must be furious with us because our ancestors failed to obey the words of this scroll and do everything written in it about us” (2 Kings 22:13). The Purpose Statement for this lesson is “To renew our commitment to the demands of faith”.

 Our Adult Bible Study/Sunday School Class will begin at 9:45 a.m. From 9:45 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. will be a time for announcements, sharing joys and concerns, and socializing. Please plan to join the gathering between 9:45 a.m. and 9:55 a.m. This will allow for a smooth transition into our lesson which will begin at 10:00 a.m.

Here is the information to join our class.

To join this class by computer, tablet, smartphone, or similar device, please click on the link below.

Meeting ID: 659 927 406

To call in to our class by telephone,  please dial

(312) 626-6799 and enter the Meeting ID: 659 927 406.

We are looking forward to having you join us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.        Gerry Flinchbaugh   804-314-4817







Thank you so much for contributions of food for Bainbridge Food Pantry and donations for Friends of the Homeless. If you are looking for mission opportunities, please call Judith (272-3198). Thank you for your support of our Richmond community. As you can imagine, it is very much needed and appreciated at this time.



Church Communications Grant

Our church has received a generous grant from the United Methodist Committee on Church Communications for an unlimited free Zoom account for one year. If anyone in our congregation has a need to hold a HUMC related virtual  gathering and wants to use Huguenot’s Zoom account, please contact Shirley Bradshaw (804-240-1240) or Gerry Flinchbaugh (804-314-4817). We will be glad to assist with the use of Zoom.



Pray at 12 Noon Every Day

Dear Virginia Annual Conference,

The Apostle Paul writes in Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” (NIV) Prayer is essential to sustain our faith and Jesus Christ modeled a life of prayer.

I would like to thank several of you that have suggested a corporate prayer time for the Virginia Annual Conference. I am very blessed to lead an annual conference that believes in the power of the petitioned prayer!

Please join me at 12 noon every day and pray the printed prayer below. Let us invoke the power of the Great Physician to do a mighty work in eradicating this disease all over the world.

Peace and Blessings, Bishop Sharma D. Lewis

Almighty God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

We thank you for your blessings, past, present and future. You are our rock and the source of our hope in all things and at all times. As Jehovah Jireh, our provider God, we ask you this day to stretch out your mighty hand and eradicate from the face of the earth forever this virus called COVID-19 (coronavirus) that is spreading rapidly from continent to continent.

 We also pray that you, Jehovah Rapha, our healing God, would place your hand upon all of those who have been stricken by this virus and restore them to full health. Be with those who have lost loved ones and are grieving. Protect all who are caring for those with this virus and keep them from contracting it themselves. Calm our fears and provide us with your peace that surpasses all understanding. Strengthen us with the joy of the Lord and help us to hold firmly to the hope that only you can provide.

 Unify us that we, the Virginia Annual Conference, may be able to experience anew the promise of your presence in and through the unity of our faith, hope and trust in you in the days ahead and forever. We offer this prayer in the mighty name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. AMEN. 





Lectionary Readings for Sunday, June 21 – Saturday, June 27

Third Sunday after Pentecost     

Old Testament Genesis 21: 8-21
Psalter Psalm 86: 1-10, 16-17
Epistle Romans 6: 1b-11
Gospel Matthew 10: 24-39


Lectionary Readings for Sunday, June 28 – Saturday, July 5

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost                                                                                                                      

Old Testament Genesis 22: 1-14
Psalter Psalm 13
Epistle Romans 6: 12-23
Gospel Matthew 10: 40-42




Contribution Reminder

Many thanks to those who have responded and participated!!  We are current on all our bills.
Don’t stop.  Please continue to mail your contributions to the church office.

-Bud Westerhouse




Church Directory Assistance Needed

(Thank you to those that sent me information!)   While I am working from home, I am in the process of updating your church directory.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would each take a minute to look at your listing in the current directory and let me know of any changes that you would like for me to make. This would be a HUGE help!  Kindly send an email with the desired edits to HuguenotUMC@gmail.com or you can call and leave me a voicemail on the church phone line.

Thank you!  Elaine Grider    (804) 272-6820

Birthday and Anniversary Lists

I would also love to update these lists that I use each week when creating the Pulse newsletter.  If you haven’t seen your V.I.D. (Very Important Days) listed – please send them to Elaine so we can celebrate AWESOME YOU! 




If you have a devotion, thoughts, poetry or an encouraging article that you would like shared in an upcoming Pulse, please email it to Elaine and she will do her best to include it.    (HuguenotUMC@gmail.com)





  • Debbi Mintz and Family   Prayers requested in the passing of her premature grandson at birth.
  • The Weatherman Family  Prayers requested in the passing of William (Buster) Weatherman.  He died recently f leukemia.
  • The Collins Family  Prayers requested in the passing of Bill.  He died on June 6th.  His wife, Quita, attends our Women’s Bible Study.
  • The Mansfield Family Prayers requested in Richard’s passing.
  • Frank McAllister Prayers requested.  (He has moved to the Care Center of the Masonic Home.)
  • Phyllis Lester Prayers requested.  (Sister of Doug Utt)
  • The Simmons Family Prayers requested in the loss of Doris.
  • Marilyn Chase and Family Prayers requested in the loss of Jim.
  • Rachel Cascio & Chad Jarvis (Rachel is the daughter of Rosalie Koch)  Prayers requested.
  • Jen Foley Prayers requested. 
  • Peggy Harris   Prayers requested.
  • Sandy Garner Prayers requested.
  • Prayers for United Methodist Church unity.
  • Prayers for all.  Stay in and stay well.



Metro Richmond At Prayer

We pray for the Churches and religious institutions of Metropolitan Richmond:

For seminaries, bible colleges, and schools training persons for vocations in ministry; for the students, faculty, and staff of these institutions.


Joys & Celebrations                                           

Nancy Alwood (6/23)
Maria and Andy Wright (6/21)

If we missed your birthday or anniversary, please leave a note or send an email to Elaine so she can include you!



Church Office Hours:  (as needed) 

Although I’m not in the building, I’m happy to work for you while at home to the best of my ability.  I am checking the church email and voicemail periodically. If you have an article for next week’s pulse, please email it by Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. Thank you! Take care!


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