United Methodist Women (UMW)

The Susanna Wesley Circle met on November 8, 2016. There were 15 present. Today’s hostesses were Nancy, Judy A, and Darlene. The devotional and program were given by Brenda and Wenda.

The Treasurer reported an overage of $6,684.23 – a detailed report is attached. The total for our yard and bake sale was $1,754.08.

Betty sent one birthday card since our last meeting and thanked Wenda and Nancy for donating cards to this ministry.  Beth sent two thinking-of-you cards and asked to be updated as needed.

Regarding our reading program, there is a magazine rack outside the sanctuary with recent issues of Response, Outlook, Virginia Advocate and Upper Room. Our reading program has been recognized by the District.

Three of our members – Wenda, Stuart, and Brenda – attended the Annual Conference which was held on October 28

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and 29. There were over 200 in attendance.

This Saturday is the unit officer training at Christ United Methodist Church. Mary B, Judy K, and Stuart will be attending.

Stuart passed around the sheet requesting email and/or U.S. mail to receive “The Word”.

Betty’s email is down – please contact her by phone if needed.

“Living Into Our Purpose” will be discussed at a later date.

Regarding our Advent service on December 3, we are to arrive around 8:30-9:00; registration will be at 10; the meeting in the sanctuary will be from 10:30 to 11:30. This event will require everyone’s participation. Registration to be handled by the Richmond District Treasurer. We will need to set up Friday afternoon around 4 in the Fellowship Hall.  Refreshments will consist of pre-made food, orange juice, Danish, donut holes, and fruit along with plenty of coffee. Susan and Stuart will handle the purchasing of these items. Also, the coffee carafes will be replaced before this event. Stuart will take care of this purchase.

The theme is “Preparing, Rejoicing!”. Stuart will contact the Latter Day Saints for permission to use their parking lot that day. Judy A. has volunteered to decorate the tables, Wenda has volunteered to take care of the altar flowers, and flowers for the fellowship hall will be handled by Judy K. and Darlene. Greeters and ushers will be assigned that morning. A sign-up sheet was circulated for all the duties required for this event.

Pledges are to be given at the Advent meeting. Programs will be provided by the District. Any questions, please see Stuart.

Our Christmas luncheon will be held on December 13. A sign-up sheet will be on the bulletin board. We will use the same table decorations as the Advent program. Our music will be CD’s provided by Stuart.

Sue updated us on Paula who is going downhill rapidly.

We will discuss social injustice at our January meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 12:45 pm.